Building an exercise routine

There are many benefits to spending time outside for your physical and mental well being. Being active improves the heart's functions, decreases the risks of developing heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and many types of cancers, and improves stamina as we age.

Exercising can be fun and enjoyable . You don't have to climb the Everest or run a marathon to be considered an active person. If doing any sort of physical activity is relatively new to you, take it slow. However, the Public Health Agency of Canada recommends at least 2.5 hours of physical activity a week, focusing on aerobic exercises. And you never know, a new found passion may be discovered for biking, swimming, or jogging!


  1. Begin with brisk walks, enough for a light sweat. If this is too easy, go a little faster, make it into a dynamic work out.
  2. Find a buddy! If you find exercise boring, don't do it alone! Having a friend with you will definitely make it more interesting. With this, you are able to keep each other accountable and stay on track. If your friends aren't convinced to accompany you, step out of the comfort zone and join a team! This allows for an easier way to stay on top of your physical activities by following their scheduled sessions.

Once you get into the groove of things, or have found an activity you really enjoy, make it into a routine. For more tips on how to get into an exercise routine, be sure to check out PHAC's recommendations.

For lucky British Columbians, you already know that one of the must do's this summer is to go on many of the hiking trails that the province has to offer. The amazing views are themselves worth the visits, and they may get you into an exercise routine. Time to pack a bag with you and get outside!